Reviews and Testimonials from our customers

Ever been curious what our students have said about our Dutch courses? Read some of the reviews written by students and companies about our Dutch courses below.


We are very thankful for the reviews that they have left behind. Of course, we, as MORE than les, can tell you what we offer but with these testimonials, you get a much better idea of how our students experience our Dutch courses!

We have also asked students to leave us a review since we had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic from teaching offline to teaching online via ZOOM. Have fun reading their feedback! And if you have any questions, please check the FAQs or contact us here!

In-Company Course - Anamaria - MessageBird (28th of July 2020)

In-Company Course - Lauren - Corendon (8th of June 2020)

[The teacher] made the learning process very easy to follow, always understanding and explaining every process to great lengths. I not only feel that my knowledge of the language is much stronger but she also helped build my confidence, enabling me to really flourish with my continued learning through everyday life. I hope to one day join in on another of her classes. Bedankt voor alles!

In-Company Course - Camila - BUNQ (15th of May 2020)

In-Company Course - Rachel - MessageBird (4th of May 2020)

“Three months ago, I spoke no Dutch. Now, thanks to [the teacher] and More Than Les, I am beginning to understand the language and culture around me. [The teacher] was a great teacher who kept class fun, even when we had to move online.”

In-Company Course - P. - MessageBird (28th of April 2020)

“Just wanted to say thanks to [the teacher] for imparting so much knowledge to us in difficult circumstances once we had to use Zoom. The light-hearted nature of the classes was always something I looked forward to after a long day at work. Liked the interactive nature, the fact we had a book to learn ourselves, the many online resources provided in addition to the book, the relaxed atmosphere. [The teacher ] took time to talk to each person and understand what they were trying to say, always making jokes and laughing. Very knowledgeable around how phrases and other difficult to translate directly sayings.”

In-Company Course - Meena - MessageBird (23rd of April 2020)

“[The teacher] is a very good teacher. I liked her teaching so much and I would definitely be happy to take another course with her. She is very innovative and practical. I think she puts a lot of effort in order to conduct these lessons in the best way possible and this is paying off. We’ve been told that Dutch is hard but I loved learning Dutch with [the teacher]. It was so much fun. I like the practical and funny way of teaching the Dutch language. I liked the songs and the games very much. Thank you :)”

In-Company Course - Marian - MessageBird (22nd of April 2020)

“[The teacher] was the best teacher I have ever had in my entire life! She is so cheerful, encouraging and helpful. Her classes were so motivating and fun. I was absolutely intimidated by the Dutch language before and thought I’d never get the hang of it but she made me love it! She also taught us more about Dutch traditions and culture which is very helpful for an expat like me. I loved that we dove directly into how to communicate in Dutch, that made it very interesting and got me hooked up from the first lesson. The games made every lesson absolutely fun and exciting.You rock! Keep on going!”

In-Company Course - Anonymous - Harver (21st of April 2020)

In-Company Course - Anonymous - MessageBird (21st of April 2020)

“[The teacher] was a very engaging and knowledgeable teacher. Class size was small so we received lots of individual attention. He varied the exercises and teaching methods so the classes were interesting and effective. Gave us just the right amount of homework. Was funny and charismatic, and very skilled as an instructor. Thanks! It was a great class.”

In-Company Course - Anonymous - Corendon (20th of April 2020)

(translated to English): The teacher was good, All speaking exercises were fun! [The teacher] made me feel comfortable to speak in Dutch. Keep it up!!

Group Course - Alexa - Humanyze (25th of March 2020)

“MORE than les makes learning Dutch fun and human. Noémie, the owner, really cares about her students and goes above and beyond to help us adjust and feel connected to Dutch culture with local recommendations and tips. My instructor, […] is also great – while he ensures we’re learning and on track, he also weaves in jokes and personalizes the content, so you barely realize you’re in a class. I highly recommend!”

Group Course - Ionut - Scribbr (1st of December 2019)

“Highly recommended Dutch classes! Classes are extremely fun and very diverse from each other, you can see that [the teacher] is passionate and driven. I am learning a ton and I am motivated to go to classes.”

Group Course - Greta - Helix Center (17th of August 2019)

“Amazing organization! The lesson always had a very different approach comparing with a classic language course. Always fun and smiles in the class, apart from that my Dutch level increased after the first course from non-verbal Dutch speaker to super beginner with great potential.”

Group Course - Mabel - Next Door (2nd of June 2019)

“I really like the classes with “MORE than les”, the teachers are great, they do dynamic the lessons and make us feel comfortable to practice our Dutch. This is definitely what I was looking for. Thank you “MORE than les”!

Group Course - Ipek - Nike (28th of May 2019)

“I have completed 3 levels of Dutch courses with MORE than les so far and I love it! All three teachers I had were energetic, positive, and passionate. Quite focused on speaking and daily life needs in NL, which also helped my cause a lot. Super convenient location and I got to meet some great people along the way as well. Definitely going for further levels with them”

Group Course - Yoann - Request (19th of May 2019)

“Probably the best way to learn Dutch in Amsterdam, super nice spirits and methods. A very human school with excellent results.”

Group Course - Manfred - FunnelFox (1st of May 2019)

“Great classes. Really enjoyed the strong focus on speaking. Already signed up for the next class :)”

Group Course - Marlene - ZOOMin TV (6th of April 2019)

“It‘s a wonderful way of learning Dutch. Lots of games and not a boring minute.”

Group Course - Justine - Scribbr (20th of March 2019)

“Love the classes I got with [the teacher]! She is such a fun teacher.”

Group Course - Elena - Microsoft (13th of March 2019)

“I am really happy I ran into one of their ads and joined their classes! Awesome classes and [the teacher] is THE best teacher! Definitely recommend and I will continue my Dutch classes with them!”