Open in-company Dutch course(s)

Article 1 – Definitions

  • Student: a natural person who is registered for a language course or enrolled in a language course at the language school MORE than les.
  • MORE than les: a language school that provides Dutch open in-company group courses and private classes.
  • Open in-company course: a Dutch language course provided by MORE than lesaimed at improving the participant’s understanding of the Dutch language that is also open to participants that do not work at the designated organisation’s site. 

Article 2 – Applicability

  • These terms and conditions are applicable to all students who are registered in a Dutch language course arranged by MORE than les. 
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change, and we reserve the right to change them at any time. We strive to always have the most recent version on our website. If the terms and conditions change during a course, we will notify you.
  • The Dutch laws and regulations apply at all times, also in cases where the general terms and conditions of MORE than les are not sufficient.

Article 3 – Enrolment

3.1 Step 1: Registration 
  • The only way to register for a course is via the website. 
3.2 Step 2: Enrolment
  • You will receive a final confirmation of enrolment when the minimum amount of participants has been reached (see Article 5). Only then is your enrolment finalized for the registered course. 

Article 4 – Payment

  • There is a payment obligation for the student, once you register for a course.
4.1 Payment by individuals
  • You can pay directly via the website when you register for a course. 
4.2 Payment by employer
  • You can register for a course via the website by stating that your employer will pay for you. However, even when your employer has agreed to pay for you, the payment obligation still falls on you, the registered student. You and your employer have 30 days to pay for the course. If the course fee is not paid on time, we refer to the relevant legislation regarding increasing the costs.
  • We cannot supply any refunds (unless the course is cancelled within a certain timeframe, see article 5) as we have booked teachers and have made other expenses. 

Article 5 – Changes to the course by MORE than les

  • MORE than les reserves the right to alter the date and time of a course. 
  • MORE than les reserves the right to cancel any session. If a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances on our side, we aim to arrange a catch-up class within 2 weeks following the end date of the course, as long as the schedule and the teachers allow it. 
  • MORE than les reserves the right to substitute a teacher for another teacher.
  • MORE than les reserves the right to cancel any course that doesn’t meet the minimum requirement of 7 students to start a course. We will check if we can find another suitable course for you within our school. If we are unable to find another course for you, then this is the only exception when you can receive a total refund. We will notify you of the cancellation as soon as possible, and at the latest one week in advance. 

Article 6 – Cancellation of enrolment by a student​

  • You may always quit the course. However, no refund can be given once you have registered.