Do you want to improve your Dutch skills?

Do you want to learn Dutch, but don’t you have enough time t follow Open Group Dutch Courses? Be in touch with us and check your possibilities! 


Inburgeringsexamen or Staatsexamen

At MORE than les, we have teachers who are or have been ‘staatsexamen’ examinators. When there is an employee who needs to pass their ‘inburgeringsexamen’ or ‘staatsexamen’, we can help guide your employee in this process.

Not sure what level you are?

Here is a sneak preview of what we do!

MORE certificates

We know how tough it can be to have a Dutch class during or after work. Therefore, we include lots of games and activities
in our classes. And of course a certificate at the end!

MORE borrels & gezelligheid

Don’t forget to make your homework, because no homework means €2,- in the class wallet. After class, we will go and have a drink
from the money we collected. And yes, you need to order in Dutch: “Mag ik een biertje?”

MORE fun outside

When the weather is nice in Amsterdam, it’s mandatory to move class outside.