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What we offer

In-company Dutch Courses

Informal, energising & fun classes for expats

Topnotch classes

At MORE than les we work with a quality assured learning system. Our experienced teachers help students reach their learning goals.

We come to you

Our teachers come to your office, so there’s no need for the hassle of biking around the city. Easy like Sunday morning.

Informal & fun

We think laughter, fun and engagement is the way to true progress and long-term, practical language skills.

Help your employees settle in Amsterdam

Offering in-company Dutch course can make a huge difference for your international employees. Give them the opportunity to truly ground.

Why learn Dutch with MORE than les?


Engagement improves learning and speeds up progress. We aim for pro-active learning in all our classes. Students have fun while learning the language thoroughly.


At MORE than les, we give students methods so they dare to go outside to practice everyday situations. We challenge to speak, speak, speak, even when mistakes are made. Practice makes perfect.

personal attention

Our goal is to teach Dutch as fast as possible. Whether there is a need to pass exams, or to learn the language for everyday use, we will create the best course for each student.

real-life situations

We challenge students to speak from the 1st day on by using set phrases and providing practical exercises. Within a few classes they can survive in a pub, at the market and maybe even on a Dutch party.

What students say about us...

“I’ve never had a Dutch teacher that got the students so engaged and excited to learn Dutch, and I feel myself improving under the teachers guidance.”

Ira, 29th of January 2018

“The teacher is a great, super cool, patient and knowledgeable trainer. 

The teacher helped me get to start learning Dutch and helped get a good kick-off to learning it.”

Vaibhav – 17th of October 2017

“The teacher is a patient and engaging teacher, exactly what I need after work.”

Alex 10th of October 2017

“Great initiative, talented people, energising work methods!”

Laurie 14th of September 2017

“The teacher is handsome ánd brings stroopwafels to the les.

He invites you to be an active part of the lesson, he mixes up grammar and conversation so what you are saying makes actual sense, and he is able to create a friendly and relaxed environment.”

Valentina, 20th of July 2017

Some of our Clients

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Quality label Blik op Werk

MORE than les has the ‘Blik op Werk’ quality label.
The 8,9 stands for how content our students are and we have 4 out of 4 stars!
– awesome –

This label verifies the quality of a language course, the school, the teachers, the workspace etcetera. It aims to guarantee the conditions of the institutes who are granted its label. Only through a school with the Blik op Werk quality label, you can request a DUO loan in order to learn Dutch.

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