"We have given Dutch classes to MORE than 1000 international employees across 70 different companies in Amsterdam."

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At MORE than les, your employees will learn how to speak Dutch, develop themselves a sense of community, and be given the chance to build a strong professional network. Our team consists of colourful, uplifting, and active teachers ready to guide your international employees through the Dutch language and culture. 

We also offer Open Group Courses and Private Courses.


Active engagement between students boosts language progression. Pro-active learning allows students to have fun while getting to know each other better.


Speaking, speaking, speaking: the key to speak comfortably. We provide our students with the tools to speak with confidence in everyday situations.


Our goal is to help our students pick up the Dutch language as fast as possible. We tailor-make our classes to suit the needs of every student in our class.


Language learning apps will only get you so far. You won't be using phrases like "de kat drinkt melk" at a bar, the market or at a party in the Netherlands...
Trust us.

What we all offer

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In-Company Dutch Courses

In-Company Dutch Courses

Why choose to learn Dutch with MORE than les?

✅ Weekly team building 

✅ Employees gain a sense of community

✅ Enriches and enlightens the lives of your employees

✅ Elevates work vibes

Louis, Sytac in AmsterdamGoogle Review
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" MORE than les offer fun, energetic and interactive Dutch language classes. [...] provide a fun and practical approach to learning the language. The teacher is a friendly and approachable teacher and her passion shows in her work. The classes provide the unexpected bonus of being a great way for people to bond and form friendships within the company!"

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Open Group Dutch Courses

Ipek, Nike in AmsterdamGoogle Review
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“I have completed 3 levels of Dutch courses with MORE than les so far and I love it! All three teachers I had were energetic, positive, and passionate. Quite focused on speaking and daily life needs in NL, which also helped my cause a lot. Super convenient location and I got to meet some great people along the way as well. Definitely going for further levels with them.”

Open Group Dutch Courses

Why choose to learn Dutch with MORE than les?

✅ Boost your confidence speaking Dutch

✅ Strengthen your network in a fun and informal setting

✅ No clichés but a genuine glimpse of Amsterdam

✅ Learn from enthusiastic and skilled teachers

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Private Online Dutch Courses

Private Online Dutch Courses

Why choose to learn Dutch with MORE than les?

✅ Completely tailored to your level and needs

✅ Flexible times, dates and frequency of lessons

✅ From the comfort of your sofa

✅ Training for inburgeringsexamen and staatsexamen

Elena, Microsoft in The NetherlandsGoogle Review
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"I am really happy I ran into one of their ads and joined their classes! Awesome classes and Noemie is THE best teacher! Definitely recommend and I will continue my Dutch classes with them!"

What our students say

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